An Ideal Solution

An Ideal Solution

The Client

A homeowner wanting the best solution for their parents, their property, and their future.


Project Location

San Diego, CA

ADU Type


ADU Size

350 sf

Most of our clients for this type of ADU are homeowners looking to add extra living space to their properties and the most common reason for doing this is to accommodate aging parents.

Our client for this particular project was no different. Their parents were getting up in years and the best solution for the whole family was to move them close by.

Keep Your Family Close

An in-law suite makes a great addition to any home and this is exactly what our client was wanting.

Having a separate space for their parents would allow the homeowners to have them nearby while still giving them the autonomy and privacy that they needed.

The homeowner also recognized that it would be a very savvy investment for the future. When the day came that their parents no longer needed the ADU, they knew it would be very easy to convert it to a rental property to supplement income.

Where We Come In

To build this unit, our homeowner needed a builder that could not only construct an ADU but design it as well, with their parents’ needs in mind.

After a bit of research, the homeowner saw that ADU Geeks’ most popular unit was exactly what was needed. That we were experts in our fields and could be a guide through the entire designing, permitting, and building process was just icing on the cake.

The homeowner gave us a call and once we understood what was needed, we visited the property to conduct a feasibility study and determine the best site to build the new unit.

Another Satisfied Customer

The end result was better than we could have expected.

We constructed a large ADU close behind the homeowner’s residence, customized to fit Mom and Dad’s needs. The ADU contained one roomy bedroom, with two bathrooms, and a large common area for family and friends to hang out in during visits. We were also able to give the ADU a patio for a nice outside hangout where the homeowner’s parents could relax and enjoy the weather.

The homeowner’s parents moved in shortly after and are delighted with their new home and their close proximity to family.
An ideal solution for everyone.

An Ideal Solution
  • An Ideal Solution
  • An Ideal Solution


An Ideal Solution

What About You?

Are you looking to add a unit to your property?

Your ideal solution might be right in your backyard too.

Whether you’re looking for a rental unit or just some extra space for Mom and Dad, an ADU makes a great addition to any property.

Got even more space? Depending on your property and zoning allowances, you can add two or more of these models to your property. Build separate units or combine them into a multi-story building. It’s all up to you and the space you’ve got to work with.

Give us a call and let’s see what we can do.

ADU Geeks are the experts in ADU design and construction. The ADU you see in the pictures is our most frequently requested model, so we build these all the time and we’re ready to guide you through the entire process, from design to completion!

The 15-minute consultation is totally free and it just might be the first step between you and an income-generating ADU in your backyard.

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