Going Vertical

Going Vertical

The Client

An investor with big plans, but not a lot of space.


Project Location

San Diego, CA

ADU Type


ADU Size

350 sf

Our client for this project was a real estate investor who was looking to add two ADUs beside his property. Since the client’s ideal renters were couples, they requested separate one-bedroom units, designed with a couple’s needs and privacy in mind.

The only issue here was that there wasn’t a ton of space on the property to do this.

A Real Estate Issue

The client did have a nice yard with plenty of room to place two ADUs, but was hoping to keep as much of it as possible to give future tenants some outdoor space to enjoy.

Our client wasn’t sure if there would be enough space to construct two separate units, but decided to contact some experts to see what was possible with the space there was to work with.

Where We Come In

ADU Geeks are a team of creative problem solvers. Our client was able to tell that right away from our website. So, they decided to put some faith in us and gave us a call.

The client explained the space issue to us during our initial consultation, so we were aware that it would be a challenge. We came out to the property to conduct a feasibility study and found that the yard would be a great place to drop a couple of ADUs.

A Creative Solution

Only our client decided that the plan would sacrifice too much of the yard. So, we needed another solution.

Determined that we could find a way, the Geeks came up with another option. Our client didn’t want to sacrifice the yard, but the property did have a huge driveway that ran alongside its side. Definitely big enough for one ADU.

After some measuring and careful consideration, we decided that we could still give our client what they wanted. The driveway was much too narrow to add two units side-by-side like the client initially requested, so we were left with only one other option: go vertical.

By stacking the units on top of each other, we would be able to give our client the two income properties that were requested, while using the lot space of one.

The end result was a two-story unit, with a complete apartment on each floor. Each apartment features one bedroom and bathroom and entrances on opposite sides for the tenants’ privacy. Just perfect for two happy couples to move right in.

And our client and their tenants got to keep the entire yard. There’s always a solution.

Going Vertical
  • Going Vertical
  • Going Vertical


Going Vertical

What About You?

If you want an income-generating ADU on your property, you don’t need to have a huge empty lot to make it happen. We can work with your property, no matter what it looks like and no matter the limitations.

ADU Geeks are the experts in ADU design and construction. We’ll handle your construction from planning to completion and be your guide every step of the way.

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