Two For One

Two For One

The Client

One very lucky San Diego investor who’d done his homework.


Project Location

San Diego, CA

ADU Type


ADU Size

350 sf

Our client for this project had just purchased a fixer-upper situated on a huge lot. The huge lot was a definite plus, but there was another reason our client made this purchase.

They’d researched the property before purchasing and discovered that the lot had originally been two lots that were legally combined several years prior.

The investor’s plan was to raze the existing structure and then have the city revert the empty lot back into two, thus allowing for twice as many units to be built on the property.

A great idea, but they didn’t know what was required to turn their big lot into two.

Where We Come In

After some research, our investor was convinced that ADU Geeks had the know-how and expertise needed to get the job done.

The investor called us up and, during our 15-minute consultation, explained the goals for the project and the plan to separate the lot into two. Not a problem.

Soon after our consultation, we came out to conduct a feasibility study on the property. When we arrived, we were pleased to see that the lot was very large and had a ton of potential.

Where We Come In

But first, we needed to split the lot.

After some paperwork, we were able to perform a reversion on the property, converting the single lot the investor had purchased back into the two lots it had originally been.
Now that the property was essentially two properties, the investor was free to construct twice as many units.

The Results

Once the original structure was cleared out, we had the perfect blank canvas to work on.

Because we had two lots, we were able to construct four two-story units, made up of two living units and six separate ADUs. That’s six additional housing opportunities created for the San Diego community.

Since our investor wanted to attract families to the properties, each ADU was carefully designed with a family’s needs and comfort in mind, with private entrances, multiple bedrooms, a master bath, and open-concept living rooms and kitchens. Our ADUs are stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly; the perfect place for a family to call home.

Because of ADU Geeks’ expertise, our investor has extra money in their pocket and the community has more housing opportunities for more lucky families.

We go the extra mile to give you the best possible units and construction experience that we can.

The Results
  • The Results
  • The Results


The Results

What About You?

ADU Geeks were able to help this investor rezone the lot and get the most out of their property. If you have an opportunity for investment properties, then why not give us a call?At ADU Geeks, we handle the entire process from design to completion, and we’re experts in what we do.

We’ll take a look at your property, do some research, and find the best and most efficient way to make your property work for you.

Reach out today and let’s schedule your free 15-minute consultation.

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