The 6 Steps Between You and the ADU of Your Dreams

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The 6 Steps Between You and the ADU of Your Dreams

If you’re thinking about adding an ADU to your property, then let us be the first to geek out and congratulate you!

ADUs are an excellent way to give you and your family some extra living space, as well as a rental unit to earn yourself a consistent monthly income.

The San Diego area is in desperate need of housing and ADU rentals continue to be a creative and efficient solution to help combat this problem.

But if you’re still on the fence about building an ADU on your property, or you’ve explored other ADU-building options and have been left confused and unsure, then maybe it’s time to explore what the process would look like with ADU Geeks on your team.

We’ve broken our process down for you into six steps, so we can make things as clear as we can to help you make your choice.


"That’s Floor Area Ratio, just in case you didn’t know."

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

It all starts with a phone call.
Reach out to the Geeks for your free 15-minute consultation so we can get to know each other.

During the call, you can tell us all about the ADU project you have in mind and provide us with some information about you, your budget, and your property.

You’re going to have plenty of questions at this stage too and that is okay. We love questions.

In fact, it’s a good idea to write down any questions you might have about the process before you call.

Pricing, timeline, rules and regulations. Bring it all! We love questions.

And we love for you to go into your project with full knowledge of what to expect from your ADU-building journey.

So, once we’ve learned a little bit about you, your property, and your goals, we’ll schedule your feasibility study, which brings us to …

Step 2: The Feasibility Study

Your feasibility study is an in-depth analysis of your property, your lot, and the zoning for your particular area.

Basically, now that we know what kind of project you want, we now have to determine if it can be done based on the regulations in your area.

That might sound a little complicated, but they don’t call us the ADU Geeks for nothing. For the vast majority of our projects, we can get feasibility sorted out during our consultation, but there are some projects that require a deeper dive than what we can accomplish over the phone.

We’ll let you know where your project falls. If it is one of those cases that requires a little more in-depth research to determine total feasibility, we’ll let you know during your call and work with you on a solution.

Determining your project’s feasibility requires some research into your area’s zoning, a survey of your property, identification of costs associated with your project, and a high-level description of your build options.

We can do this specifically for the project that you have in mind or use our expertise to provide you with the best ADU options you have for the type and size of your property, as well as what would give you your best return on interest.

Once we figure out the scope of work your ADU project is going to take, we’ll draw up a contract and you can officially get your project started by signing.

After that, we’ll schedule the next step, which is our personal favorite!

Step 3: Kickoff Meeting

Your ADU Kickoff Meeting!
Here is where you’ll get to meet the team that you’ll be working with to plan, design, and construct your new ADU.

We’ll also discuss in more detail the scope of work that will be needed to give you that ADU of your dreams, as well as outline a tentative project timeline, peek at some floorplan options, and provide you with a more in-depth look at what can you expect from the whole process.

Once we’re done, we’ll set up a meeting between you and your new ADU team so that you can get to the good stuff!

Step 4: Design

Here’s the fun part!
Alongside ADU Geek’s expert architects and designers, you’ll start to bring your vision to life.

This is the step where you get to customize the design of your ADU in a way that works best for you or your future tenants, including the placement of your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, as well as other important aspects.

How many windows do you want? Which direction will they face?

How big will the bedrooms be?

Do you want a nice outdoor space?

Whatever you decide, this is where your project will really start coming together.

During this stage, you’ll also decide on flooring type, colors, all of the finishings, and any other homey touches that you want your new ADU to offer.

Our designers will work together with you to draw up the schematics of your future ADU and once that’s done, they’ll hand it off to our architects to prepare careful construction plans for your project.

Once your blueprints are finished, they’ll be ready to submit for permitting.

Step 5: Permitting

Often, this is the most complicated step, but don’t worry. The Geeks are here to handle it all for you.

We’ll submit your completed plans to the city on your behalf and then do everything we can to expedite your building permit.
This could take anywhere from 16–24 weeks, depending on your city/county review time, so hang tight.

It’s possible the city will have some corrections to make to your plans after the first round of review. If that happens, no sweat.

We’ll just revise what needs revising and then resubmit for you. Once your permit is granted, all that’s left is to get your unit built.

Step 6: Construction

Now that you’ve got your freshly permitted plans in hand, you have a choice to make.
We can either hand off your ready-to-build ADU plans to the builder of your choice or we can build your ADU for you.

If you decide to go with our builders, then great! We’ll gladly finish your project for you!

You’ll be assigned a project manager and we’ll get you a written contract, listing all costs and details upfront to avoid running into unexpected expenses later in your build.

We’ll also communicate frequently with your building team to make sure you’re kept up to date on everything happening with your ADU.

Your construction timeline will differ depending on the size and complexity of your project, but the great part is that you’ll have a front-row seat the entire time!

Watch your new ADU come to life every step of the way!

And once the dust settles, you’re left with the ADU of your dreams. Enjoy it right away, move in Mom and Dad, or hand the keys to a tenant and start collecting rental income.

It’s all up to you.

Call the Geeks

If all of these benefits sound like an ideal solution to you, then why not give us a call?

ADU Geeks is ready and willing to take your ADU project from conception to completion.

Put us on your team and we’ll walk you through the entire process, including site prep, design, permitting, and construction.

Best of all, you have a front-row seat to watch your new ADU come to life.

Book a consultation call with us today. It’s free, it takes only 15 minutes of your day, and, when we’re done, we’ll be able to figure out what ADU option works best for you, your family, and your property.

Do you have questions?

We love questions.

Make sure you bring them up during your 15-minute call so we can address all of your concerns. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and setting you up for the retirement home you deserve.

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